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5 styles of panelling and most are available in differing size options - so there is a wide range of possibilities to cater for nearly every situation. We have given Architectural Period names to our ranges but please take these with a pinch of salt as Georgian can just as easily suit a Victorian house!


It is more important to match the style of panel with the look and feel of the room that you are trying to achieve. Also, do not feel bound to use the same design in every room you wish to panel. In older properties, Georgian would traditionally have been used in Sculleries and Boot Rooms whilst Victorian or Jacobean style panelling would most likely feature in, say, the Parlour or Library! Be adventurous by all means, but in Period properties try to use a design that at least nods to the original style of the building. And of course in contemporary spaces the world is your oyster!


Finally, remember too that the choice of colour will have a big bearing on how the space will feel after the panelling has been installed. Our styles, though basically quite traditional, can provide a very contemporary look if painted in the right shade!

Georgian Jacobean Victorian Regency
Edwardian Mouldings
Scumble Goosie