Manufactured in the British Isles
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Victorian Overview

This design is intentionally more formal, and thus suited to houses where a greater architectural style is present. That said, it is equally suited to situations, such as where there is a lack of interesting features in a plainer, more modern house. The breakdown of the panelling into numerous rectangles presents a cosier small-scale influence on the room.

Go High! The Short Victorian panel differs from Edwardian and Regency, in that it can be "stacked" vertically, as well as horizontally, thus enabling entire walls to be covered – from dado height, to picture rail height, even to cornice or ceiling.
Victorian Panelling - Short (800mm)

Short open backed600 x 800 x 9mm

Victorian Panelling - Tall (1200mm)

Tall open backed600 x 1200 x 9mm

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